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The Selection Process – Giro Stage 10

Somebody always suffers after the rest day… but probably not tomorrow. It’s difficult to get excited about the 145km flat route to Modena. The sun should also be out and riders will enjoy a noticeable jump in temperature. The Just Profile We start in Ravenna and 145km later end on a straight, wide road in

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A Picture Speaks 500 Words #4 – Dumoulin

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I say 500 is a more realistic figure. To fully appreciate this photo – three Giro rivals finishing a minute after the stage winner – you have to understand a little about the 2015 Vuelta Espana. It also helps to know the personalities of the men in

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The Selection Process – Giro Stage 8

What a break! The writing was on the wall once Pello Bilbao, Davide Formolo and Tony Gallopin got into today’s escape. Matteo Cattaneo also looked strong. UAE upped the tempo and kept Conti in pink but it wasn’t particularly pretty. The Just Profile Despite three classified climbs at the day’s end, tomorrow’s rolling hills are

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The Selection Process – Giro Stage 6

Goodbye Tom Dumoulin; it was the right decision to leave this year’s Giro. It was a miserable day in northern Italy won by a not-so-miserable Pascal Ackermann. It won’t be another stage for the (new) big German tomorrow as the tough uphill finish hands the stage over to the puncheurs. The Just Profile We start

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Giro d’Italia: Who, When and How?

The Giro d’Italia starts on the 11th May. After last year’s road from Jerusalem to Rome, we return for a full-blooded Italian edition with the Grande Partenza in Bologna. In 2020 we’re set to start in Budapest with organizers sticking to their recent formula; odd numbered years for Italy, even numbers across borders. I tend

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What won’t happen at the Giro d’Italia…

It’s back! Here’s a selection of cycling snippets which absolutely won’t happen at this year’s Giro d’Italia. If any of this nonsense actually happens, it might be time to stop watching pro cycling. Enjoy some Giro fiction…

What Won’t Happen In The Giro This Week (3)

The Giro d’Italia in an alternative universe. Belt up. The final week is here. Today’s stage is a monster with a trifecta of huge ascents in the Mortirolo, Stelvio and Umbrail Pass. Wednesday is weird with a long false flat to the line posing no real difficulty. It’s non-stop climbing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

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